Radiation Shielding in Medical Installations 2009

Shielding Methods for Diagnostic Imaging, PET and Radiation Therapy Facilities

Ericeira, Portugal, 19-21 July 2009


Radiation Shielding for Medical Instalations
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Welcome to the Training Course on Radiation Shielding for Medical Instalations (RSMI 2009). This education and training initiative on shielding methodologies for medical imaging and therapy facilities will provide you with:

  • The latest information on Medical Radiation Shielding Design from a rare collection of shielding experts and professionals such as never before assembled, and who will be available to provide you with their special insights into this field, including practical design tips which cannot be found in any formal reports, and observed common shielding mistakes (some very serious) to be avoided. Included will be diagnostic x-ray imaging (Conventional, Interventional, CT, Digital, etc.); Nuclear Medicine (including PET/CT), and the latest in Radiotherapy shielding design (including IMRT, Cyberknife, Tomotherapy, neutrons, and unique solutions to space limitations). These experts include the authors of the latest NCRP shielding design recommendations from the USA (NCRP reports #147 and #151 on Medical X-ray Imaging and Radiation Therapy Shielding Design), as well as the authors of current European shielding guideline documents as described in the list of speakers on this site.
  • Assess trends and needs in view of the rapid technological evolution in CT, PET, Radiation Therapy (IMRT, IGRT, and other emerging and advanced techniques) as well as in other medical applications of ionizing radiations.

Around RSMI 2009, a set of satellite meetings will be organized on specific radiation protection, radiation dosimettry and radiation shielding topics, as well as tutorials on topics of interest to the participants.

If you are currently a shielding designer (expert or otherwise), or even an aspiring designer, this conference is one "not to be missed". Even the shielding experts on the program are looking forward to this rare opportunity to exchange ideas and shielding philosophies with each other, as well as with the attendees. It goes without saying that the charming atmosphere of Ericeira, a fishermen´s village nearby Lisbon together with the Portuguese hospitality will certainly also contribute to make of RSMI 2009 an outstanding event.


Pedro Vaz and Robert Dixon


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